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100% Halal Chicken

Our chicken is sourced from trusted Halal suppliers.

Food Quality and Safety

Highest standard assured by on-site Veterinarian expertise.

Trusted Customer Base

We take pride in the trust our customers place in us.

Fast Delivery

We have a fast and efficient delivery system for your convenience.

About Us

Welcome to Dog TV Roasted Chicken in Dubai.

Dog TV name comes from a tradition in South America, where the numerous bakeries on the corners of streets display rotisserie machines with many beautiful golden Chickens being roasted and a special smell that can be chased from far. In the past, our best friends street dogs used to watch attentively the machines roasting the rotating delicious chicken, like a movie, looking for a bite, so here’s the name.

Families usually go for these machines and take the Roasted Chicken to home and enjoy altogether.

Through Dog TV Roasted Chicken, we replicate this experience with a special recipe, bringing directly to your home a natural, nutritious, halal and perfectly roasted product, saving you time for your family.

We are specialists in Meat, with over 20 years of experience and veterinary inspection assistance, so you can rest assured that our product is at highest standard of quality and safety to attend all Local and International communities of Dubai.

Dog TV Roasted Chicken is a brand owned by Maria Foods LLC, a Dubai company designed and engaged to deliver practicality for our clients with its own specific portfolio. We make products to be delivered at your hands with high nutritional value at most of your convenience.